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Fridmani Pseudochromis T/R

Pseudochromis fridmani

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Tank Stats
Max Size: 3''
Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Semi-aggressive
Reef Safe: No
Diet: Carnivore
Origin: Tank Raised
Acclimation: Standard
Family: Pseudochromidae
Minimum Tank Size: 30 gal
Shipping Size: Medium 1-2''

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Fridmani Pseudochromis or Orchard Dottyback is a beautiful eye-catching purple Dottyback slim in design.


Despite its beauty the fridmani Pseudochromis is a rugged fish and adapts well in captivity.  They will pick at pesky organisms in live rock which makes them very suitable for reef tanks.  It may hide when first introduced than become more fearless and stay in open viewing.  Provide plenty of live rock for shelter and house one per tank or in mated pairs. 


They will eat a variety of small meaty foods.  Try adding vitamin-enriched food once the fish is established like Ocean Nutrition Formula One Small Pellets.