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Green Mandarinfish Med

Synchiropus splendidus

Our Price: $45.00
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Tank Stats
Max Size: 4''
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Safe: Yes
Diet: Carnivore
Origin: Indonesia
Acclimation: Standard
Family: Callionymidae
Minimum Tank Size: 30 gal
Shipping Size: Medium 1-2''

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The Green Mandarinfish or Striped Mandarinfish has beautiful ornate patterns on its body. An array of green, blue and orange pastels form pathways around the body. Males will have a more protruding front dorsal fin.


The Green Mandarinfish is an excellent candidate for a well-established reef tank. It needs a steady diet of live organisms such as copepods and amphipods and small worms to survive. A refugium is recommended to establish this natural food source. Have plenty of thick sandy substrate and live rock in the tank. Males will attack other male conspecifics.


Dragonets are difficult to feed in the home aquarium. They prey on small organisms such as copepods and amphipods that dwell in live rock and substrate. A well-established tank with a refugium is recommended to cultivate these organisms. Please note: ( we hand pick Mandarinfish that are actively eating live and frozen brine shrimp.)