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Pearly Jawfish

Opistognathus aurifrons

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Tank Stats
Max Size: 4''
Care Level (INT): Intermediate
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Safe: Yes
Diet: Carnivore
Origin: Caribbean
Acclimation: Standard
Family: Opistognathidae
Minimum Tank Size: 30 gal
Shipping Size: Medium 2''

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The Pearly Jawfish or Yellow Head Jawfish has a yellow head and a slender soft blue shaded body. 


The Pearly Jawfish is an entertaining specimen to watch.  The Pearly Jawfish is a smart creator of burrows that in a moment’s notice can quickly vanish into.  More than one Pearly Jawfish can be kept in the same tank, just provide thick substrate and loose rubble for burrows. Can easily jump out of open aquariums.  May be a threat to other substrate-dwelling fish and small shrimps. The Pearly Jawfish is deemed intermediate only due to the fact that they are jumpers and need their private dwelling to not feel threatened; once this criteria is met they will adjust fine to their new environment.


Feed a variety of small meaty foods such as mysis and brine shrimp. Once comfortable in its new home try prepared foods like Ocean Nutrition Formula One Small Pellets.  You may have to put food close to its burrow to entice it.