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Princess Parrotfish

Scarus taeniopterus

Our Price: $80.00
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Tank Stats
Max Size: 14''
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Safe: No
Diet: Omnivore
Origin: Atlantic
Acclimation: Standard
Family: Scaridae
Minimum Tank Size: 200 gal
Shipping Size: Medium 3-4''

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*Your order may not look like photo shown due to variety and size within a species.

The Princess Parrotfish has a beautiful bright green colored body with different shades of pink to yellow stripes that run horizontally.


Can be difficult to feed in captivity.  This species will constantly graze for microalgae on rocks in the wild; conditions like this must be duplicated in the home aquarium.  Provide an adequately sized tank with peaceful tank mates. Coral skeletons make a good base for feeding.


Parrotfish are very difficult to house in captivity due to their specific requirements.