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Lavender Forktail Tang Sml

Acanthurus nigrofuscus

Our Price: $48.00

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Tank Stats
Max Size: 8''
Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Safe: Yes
Diet: Herbivore
Origin: Indo-Pacific
Acclimation: Standard
Family: Acanthuridae
Minimum Tank Size: 90 gal
Shipping Size: Small 2-3'' Medium 3-4''

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The Lavender Forktail Tang or the Spot-Cheeked Surgeonfish has a thin lavender colored body with light highlights on the fins and tiny orange spots on the face.


The Lavender Forktail Tang is a fairly hardy and docile tang, it does favourable in a well-established peaceful community tank with plenty of macro algae on live rock for grazing. Keep single in smaller and medium sized tanks. May be shy at first but then will accept a variety of foods; have plenty of shelter areas for this tang to feel comfortable.


Tangs will eat just about all fish foods; Ocean Nutrition Formula One Pellets are a perfect diet. Ocean Nutrition contains garlic which helps the immune system in these colorful fish.